*** IMPORTANT Changes for the 2013 Shooting Year ***

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Brian Gonsalves
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*** IMPORTANT Changes for the 2013 Shooting Year ***

Changes to stage designers, Glock drawing, prize tables and banquet match policies for all disciplines 2012 / 2013 shooting year. 

Effective immediately, there will no longer be a “Match Coordinator” for IDPA matches.  IDPA will begin to use the same system that ICORE and Rimfire have been using.  There will Four (4) volunteers for each IDPA and ICORE match, designing and setting up One (1) stage each.  For Rimfire there will Three (3) volunteers for each match, designing Two (2) Rimfire stages each.

Stages will need to be submitted to the respective Match Director or Coordinator at least Two (2) weeks prior to the match.

There will be a drawing for Prize Guns at the Annual NVSA Fun Match & BBQ.  The tickets for the drawing will be issued as follows:

1 Ticket for each person volunteering to design and build a stage.

1 Ticket for each person “partnering” with a stage designer for IDPA and ICORE and helping with stage set-up.  This is limited to One (1) “partner” per stage.  The ticket will NOT go to the stage designer if they choose to set it up themselves.  This “partner” will need to be named by the time the Stage designer submits their stage to the IDPA Match Director or ICORE Coordinator.

Tickets will also be issued at the discretion of the board, to members who contribute work or time to the club in other ways.  Examples of this would be, work parties, range upgrades, prop building or repairs, etc.

Members do NOT need to be present to win.  If the winner(s) are not present to pick their gun, the guns will be awarded in the order of value (high to low).

There will only be One (1) winning ticket per person.  If a members name is drawn again, another ticket will be drawn.

You must be an NVSA member to earn tickets and win a prize. 

Stage Designers will no longer receive a discount on match fees.

The Glock drawing and Prize table as it has been done in the past, will no longer be held. 

The annual IDPA banquet match will be replaced with “The Annual Family Fun Match & BBQ”.  This match will be held on the First Sunday of September.  It will have stages that are representative of the three disciplines, the stages will be able to be shot with any of the three “style” of guns.  We will have a BBQ, Shoot-off and hold the drawings.  We encourage you to bring family and friends to this fun day.

Raffle guns – We would like to thank Matt Brooks for the Remington VersaMax Tactical Shotgun Raffle gun.  The Board will be adding additional raffle guns.  The Tickets will remain $10 and you must be a member to win.  The drawing will be held at the Family Fun Match & BBQ.

Make-up matches – we will use the first Sunday to hold make-up matches on a case by case basis. 

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Looks good. Yep... thanks to

Looks good. Yep... thanks to Matt!

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Brian Gonsalves wrote: Stages

[quote=Brian Gonsalves]

Stages will need to be submitted to the respective Match Director or Coordinator at least Two (2) weeks prior to the match.


I have a PDF file to submit for a March 2013 stage. What e-mail address do I send it to? Or is there another way to submit it?

Thanks, C. Peplow

Christopher W.Peplow

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Ty Hamby
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Chris, Use the contact link


Use the contact link found on the top of the page to contact the Match Coordinator Brian Gonsalves. We don't list emails here to keep spammers to a minimum. He will (if he hasn't already) get back to you with his contact email. Thanks for volunteering.


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