Fault lines legal in IDPA?

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Ty Hamby
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Fault lines legal in IDPA?

Yes! They are legal in a Drill. This is why we have them in the classifier. They are illegal to use in any scenario.

CoF 20. No foot-fault lines may be used on any scenario stage.

From the rulebook page 15.

PP 1. Procedural Error (PE):

A. Adds three (3) seconds per infraction.

B. Is assessed when the competitor does not follow the
procedures set forth in the CoF description or when a
competitor breaks a competition rule. Only one (1) PE is
assessed for each type of infraction in a string of fire. If the
shooter does more than one type of infraction, such as using
the wrong specified hand AND fire an incorrect number of
shots, a separate PE is assessed for each type of infraction.


a. The competitor’s foot touches the ground beyond the
side of the barricade on Stage 3 of the Classifier. One (1)
PE is assessed regardless of the number of shots fired.

Since the Bianchi barricade is listed by name for use in the classifier. It is legal and must be used. If they wanted us to move our feet outside the barricade while slicing the pie on Stage 3 of the classifier they would have just said use a 2'x6' wall. Those that have expressed their concern about the legalities of the use of boards on our barricades, It appears they are legal and proper. (since we only own one Bianchi.)

Your thoughts?

Lynn Brazelton
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I'm new to the sport, but as

I'm new to the sport, but as long as it is the same for everyone, what difference does it make? You say the foot can't go outside the board, fine, that settles it as far as I'm concerned. Just as long as all of us have to follow the same rules.


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NVSA Staff
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It was a fault line at this

It was a fault line at this years state match that got me wondering. So I went in search of a better explanation. Turns out the answer is pretty simple. It is not as simple as "its the same for everyone". Any club that makes up a rule or interprets a rule incorrectly does its club a disservice. Members go to a major match and get angry when rules are applied differently. Yes if its the same for everyone worldwide we are good. If rules are enforced differently locally it can be a problem.

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