NVSA Annual Family BBQ Match Sept. 20th 2015

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Jay Kuca
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NVSA Annual Family BBQ Match Sept. 20th 2015

Thanks you to all. See you next year!
Stage 1 winner - Russ Holtz

Stage 2 winner - Mark Barr

Stage 3 winner - John Ehrk

Shootoff Winner Limited - Mark Barr

Shootoff Winner Open - Brian Gonsalves

Scores Bay 1

Scores Bay 2

Scores Bay 3

Our annual Banquet Match will be held this coming Sunday, 20-Sept.

Sign-in for registered shooters and their spectators will take place from 7:15 until 8:50am. Please be on time, and if possible, come as early as possible. We are expecting a large turnout. The shooters meeting will begin promptly at 9:00am, and we want to have everyone signed in before the shooters meeting starts.

We are expecting quite a few non-shooting guests. Please be aware that they will need to sign the club's liability waiver. They will also need to wear eye and ear protection during the match.

Access to the range is via an electronically controlled gate that requires a key card. If you don't have a key card, we'll have someone stationed at the gate between 8:00 and 8:30am to let you in.

What to bring?  In addition to your shooting gear and extra ammo for the shoot off, you may also want to bring chairs.  We will have water and drinks, and of course a great BBQ lunch.  If you have an Ez-Up or other shade structure you might bring it along as with the big turnout the building may get pretty full.

This year’s match will be run similar to what we did last year. We want to give all of our members an opportunity to try all of the disciplines we shoot. Therefore, this year's match will feature three (3) stages: 1 USPSA stage, 1 IDPA stage, and 1 ICORE stage. All of the stages will be designed so that they can be shot with any type of handgun*. So members that only shoot IDPA will be able to try USPSA, and ICORE style stages. Likewise, USPSA only members will be able to try ICORE, and IDPA style stages. You may shoot all 3 stages with one type of handgun, or shoot each stage with a different handgun. The choice is yours!

The day will start with the 3 stages as described above. When finished shooting or around 12 noon (whichever comes first), we'll break for lunch, which will consist of BBQ tri-tip and all the fixin's. After lunch we'll resume shooting if necessary to finish the stages. We'll then setup and run our fun shoot-off event. As with the main part of the match, shooters may use any handgun* they wish for the shoot-off.

This year we are raffling off a AR15 Upper and a Springfield Armory "Trophy Match" 1911 in .45acp. The raffle is available to all NVSA members. Tickets are $10.00 each.  Tickets will be for sale right up til the drawing at the Banquet match. 

This is the perfect match to bring family and friends too.  Let them see what we do or try shooting a match.  All shooters or spectators are welcome, and we hope everyone has a fantastic time!

*NOTE: The handgun(s) you shoot must be legal in at least one of the disciplines!




Bay 1: | Bay 2: | Bay 3:
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Ty Hamby
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Stages posted, ^^

Stages posted, ^^

Now my work is done until the day of the match at which time I will show up, shoot and win stages 1,2,and 3. Then eat tasty BBQ meat, then win the shoot-off, (open or limited? hmm?) relax while my winning raffle numbers are called. Then take home my new Trophy Match and AR-15 upper. It will feel just like the 2012 BBQ match. laughyescheekyyes

"Unnecessarily restrictive engagement requirements by default is the hallmark of a lazy or flat out terrible stage designer." ~ unknown

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Not THIS year , Bubba!!

Not THIS year , Bubba!!

The ability to shoot straight is that part of national security which affects the individual more than any other. - Merritt "Red Mike" Edson; CMOH-USMC

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Mark Barr
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What a fun day!

I hope everyone had as much fun today as I did. We had good early bird assist with setup, smoothly run stages, FANTASTIC FOOD, efficient prize table execution, fun raffle (congrats Don & Jay), and most folks pulling out by about 2:30!

Here's a big thank you to all the hard working folks that made it happen and all the generous people who donated to the prize table and raffle!

Mark Barr

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