IDPA Apr. 17th, 2016

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Joined: Feb. 16th, 2011
IDPA Apr. 17th, 2016
CDP Champion: Randy Hood
ESP Champion : Gilbert Sandler
SSP Champion: Edoardo Rossi
Overall Winner: Edoardo Rossi
High Lady: Remmington Sandler
High Veteran: Randy Hood
High Senior: Robert Slabaugh
High Super Senior: Randy Hood
Most Accurate: Aaron Moe -7PD

Sunday, April 17, will be our next IDPA match. Please remember that registration closes at 7:00PM on Friday, the 15th; payment is due by noon on Saturday, the 16th. There is a walk-up fee of $10 for those who miss either or both cutoffs and still want to shoot. If you have not already tendered your membership fee along with a completed application, please bring both with you. We will not have membership forms available at the range. As usual, gates will open at 0700 for builders sign-in starts at 0815, new shooter orientation goes at 0830, sign-in closes at 0845 and shooters meeting at 0900, hammers drop shortly after.

Stage Designers This Month
Bay 1 Gilbert Sandler | Bay 2 Chris Peplow | Bay 3 Frank Hamrah
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Joined: Feb. 16th, 2011
Match Totals -

Match Totals -
Time: 5545.6 seconds (92.4 minutes)
Points Down: 1052
Hits on Non-Threat: 20
Procedural Penalties: 29
Failure To Neutralize: 17

Stage 1 - 188 PD/2 HNT/10 PE/0 FTN
Stage 2 - 94 PD/2 HNT/5 PE/1 FTN
Stage 3 - 297 PD/2 HNT/3 PE/6 FTN
Stage 4 - 106 PD/6 HNT/3 PE/3 FTN
Stage 5 - 198 PD/1 HNT/8 PE/4 FTN
Stage 6 - 169 PD/7HNT/0 PE/3 FTN

Stage Winners:
S1- Edoardo Rossi
S2 - Gilbert Sandler
S3 - Edoardo Rossi
S4 - Evan Bohan
S5 - Gilbert Sandler
S6 - Edoardo Rossi

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