5th Day Fun Match

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5th Day Fun Match

December 31 is a fifth Sunday this year. Being as it is also New Year's Eve DAY... why not get in a bit of trigger time before you start your other celebrating? I will have six stages up on both Practiscore and the webpage soon. Any firearm that is legal in one of the disciplines we shoot will be allowed. Burn some joss to the Weather Goddess in hopes that she will bless us with fair weather to end the year! I will be building stages on Saturday, but would greatly appreciate help in putting out targets on Sunday morning.  wink

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Mark Barr
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Great match Charlie!

 I was happy to see that we had such a large group of first time shooters yesterday. Three of them were on my squad  and they all did a great job.  "Monkeys and barrels" on bay three was fun and diabolical at the same time! It's hard to beat a Texas star nestled between concealing barrels on one side and a no-shoot on the other.  With all reloads coming from the barrels, I laughed when so many people reached for their magazine pouches to reload. That is until I did it too! 

 Thank you for all your work on this match Charlie. I know you came out Saturday and worked for hours setting up walls, barrels, etc.  The stages were challenging and (dare I say it?) Fun!

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