IDPA classifier on Saturday, February 18th

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IDPA classifier on Saturday, February 18th

The Richmond Hotshots will be hosting an IDPA classifier on Saturday, February 18th, starting at 9:00am.  Registration will start at 8:00am. Classifier fees will by $15 for the first firearm, and $10 for successive divisions. The ability to classify with a second or more firearms will be dependent on SO availability and time constraints.  This is a perfect time to get classified by the June 2012 Golden Gate Regional.

Steve Cachia
Richmond Hotshots IDPA Coordinator

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Also Sacramento Defensive

Also Sacramento Defensive Pistol Shooters will be holding one on the first Saturday of every month for those closer to Sacramento.

"If you plan to leave early, please arrive early to help set up. If you arrive late, please stay late to help take down. If you plan to arrive late and leave early, please do your shooting someplace else."

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