Scoreing an IDPA Target.

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Ty Hamby
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Scoreing an IDPA Target.

Just to make sure everyone is on the same page. I thought I would upload this excerpt from "How to run a match". It is used as a training tool from IDPA HQ.

I have seen some SO's stop, bend over, get 6 inches away and start poking one of two clearly visible holes with a pen or their finger. Scoring needs to be done at an easy scoring pace. Once you pause and stop, look at the back of a target, that clearly has the required number of shots, it takes a little away from the spirit if the rule.  The better score goes to the shooter. That's the rules whether you like it or not.  Competitors that are taping need to understand this rule also. There is no need to call an SO back to a target because after your examination, he made a bad call and you are going to prove that the shot is not on the perf. 

When an SO examines a target it is to determine if that single looking hole is in fact a double. If you see any elongation at all, it is a double. If as an SO you say to yourself it may be a double. Then the shot goes to the shooter.

Scoring is not an exact science in IDPA. It is subjective to the SO's initial determination of the shot. I hope this post will attempt to balance out the "I don't care" Safety officers and the "scoring Nazi's"

Watch this Video from IDPA HQ. This should help you better understand where IDPA  scoring is coming from.

In ICORE we will get the overlay out and determine exactly where that hole is. Also if you have never seen an overlay come see me. The holes are much larger in the overlay than that caliber hole appears on the target.  




Craig Wilder
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Great thread, Ty.

Great thread, Ty.

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Tim Ilian
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Having had this happen to me

Having had this happen to me on Sunday,  I agree that this is a very valuable post. Hope everyone (shooters included) pay attention to it. Thanks Ty! Next match might avoid some interesting discussions.....

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Mark Barr
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Ty,  I agree that if there is

Ty,  I agree that if there is any doubt, the score goes to the shooter.  However, I think an SO can look at a hole closely to remove any doubt..  Just because I look at a hole for 6 seconds doesn't mean there's doubt. It means I'm giving that target the scrutiny that it deserves.

Also, elongated holes sometimes happen when a shooter's bullets are tumbling.  If I see lots of elongated holes, I'm more likely to call a single elongated hit on a target as "down 5".  Particularly when I was watching the shooter and saw one shot go high and wide of a given target.

Thank goodness, the SO still is allowed to use his/her judgment in arriving at correct scoring.


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NVSA Staff
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In general though, we have a

In general though, we have a few SO's that may need to examine feet more than they examine holes.surprise

There is no easier way to improve your score on paper than to do it with your feet. You just got to know what squad to get on. Many clubs struggle with the same thing. Sad but true.  

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