IDPA Rules Interim Ruling Process

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IDPA Rules Interim Ruling Process

To: All IDPA Members
From: Joyce Wilson, IDPA Executive Director
Date: 3/1/12
... Re: IDPA Interim Rulings Process

You talked, we listened. Many of our valued members have expressed concern to me regarding clarifications or rulings that need to be made prior to the completion of our updated rulebook. Effective March 5, 2012, we will use the following process to address any immediate concerns.

A thread titled Rules Requests will be created on the site. Please post requests there. (This is NOT a wish list for the Tiger Team to review, it is an area reserved for clarifications that can't wait).
A 3-member Rules Committee will look at the requests once a week. If the request needs to be addressed, the Committee will review and make a decision within 5 business days. An update will then be posted in a separate thread titled Rules Clarifications.
If the Rules Committee declines to make a ruling (a rule already exists or it is under discussion by a Tiger Team) that declination will be posted in response under the Rules Requests thread.

Previously, many members called our Headquarters staff to make a ruling over the phone or by email. Effective immediately, we will no longer subscribe to that method. This interim process will allow us to serve you better until an updated rulebook is in place. 


Here is another explanation found in the IDPA Forum

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Well that didn't take

Well that didn't take long. We are already getting a taste of what we may see in the new rule book. Here is what was posted today.

In case some of you are now aware, IDPA is working on a new rule book. They are using several  members to develop an much improved rule book. As a result they are posting temporary rulinsg in the IDPA forums “Rules Clarifications 2012”. For those who may have misses this, here are a few that will effect shooters immediately at our club.

1)Full Length Dust Cover in SSP.  For a gun with a steel FLDC to be legal, it must be in a SSP legal configuration to be legal. This would include starting with the hammer in the Double Action position.

2) Mainspring Housing Locks Springfield Armory has a type of lock in the mainspring housing of many of their 1911 firearms. The question was asked about replacing this mainspring housing when adding a magwell to an ESP or CDP firearm which include an integral mainspring housing. Would this parts replacement be considered removing a safety? The rules clarification committee ruled these locks on the mainspring housing are not safeties. These parts may be replaced by a new mainspring housing with or without a included lock.

3) Hammer Locks It has also been pointed out Taurus has a lock on the hammer of some of their 1911 pistols. The hammer of an ESP or CDP gun is allowed to be changed under the current rules. The lock, which must be engaged or disengaged with an allen wrench, is not designed to be used with a loaded firearm. Replacing this hammer with an aftermarket hammer will not be considered removing a safety.

4) Flag indicators on Revolvers In the user's guide for many S&W revolvers, there is verbiage indicating the locked flag should not be used on a loaded firearm. This wording indicated to the rules clarification team, this part is a lock, not a safety.

5) Magazine Disconnectors There is precedence in other action shooting sports for a magazine disconnector to not be considered a safety. Trigger reliability work and trigger replacement is currently allowed for ESP & CDP. Several aftermarket trigger kits have no magazine disconnector or any capability of accepting a disconnector. Based on this information, the rules clarification committee has ruled that a magazine disconnector is not a safety and can be removed as part of trigger reliability enhancements.

6) Revolver Ammunition The rules clarification committee has ruled .45 Auto Rim may be shot in SSR with a revolver designed to shoot .45ACP with moonclips. They have also ruled for firearms like the S&W Governor and the Taurus Judge, 45 Long Colt can be used to shoot those firearms in SSR and in ESR with .45ACP using moonclips. The .410 option could be used as a pickup gun on a stage but not as a primary firearm in either SSR or ESR.

7) Grip Force adapters previously allowed in SSP are currently ruled illegal in SSP. Still allowed in ESP & CDP


If you are registered on the IDPA forum you can view all of the clarifications yourself here.


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