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    I'm wearing out my refresh button looking for them. 


    You and me both. As soon as I get my grubby little hands on them I will upload them. You know there is a cure to the show me my score blues. You could volunteer to be our official ICORE scorekeeper. laugh

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    That little video is priceless. Nice clip job on that!  Hey, were are the scores? I'm wearing out my refresh button looking for them. cheeky

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    I thought you did great and looked very comfortable shooting the revolver.  It was fun.  Mark Hicks

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    Wendy, I"ve not been around long, so I didn't know you have never shot ICORE before. But by watching you shoot all day, I sure would never have guessed this was your first time. I thought you did great!

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    Holsters: Page 35 of the IDPA Rule Book

    I highlighted in red the rule that would concern me

    NOT Permitted:

    A. Cross Draw Holsters.

    B. Shoulder Holsters.

    C. Small of the Back Holsters.

    D. Holsters designed and/or marketed as “competition” models.

    E. Muzzle forward or ‘on the belt’ adjustable cant holsters.

    Those that allow the cant to be adjusted by the shooter while the holster is on the belt are not allowed. NOTE: Holsters with an adjustable cant via removal of bolts and repositioning of the backpiece are approved if set for neutral or muzzle rear cant.

    F. Drop loop holsters.³

    G. Positioning of the firearm where the breech face (autos) or the rear of the cylinder (revolvers) is below the center of the belt.³

    H. Cutting of the front edge of the holster more that 1¾” below the breech face on pistols or 1” below the rear of the cylinder on revolvers.

    I. Offset back-pieces and/or belt slots.³

    J. Gap in the following areas:

    1. From the body to the inside of the belt.

    2. From the outside of the belt to the inside of the backpiece and/or backside of the holster.

    3. From the outside of the back-piece to the inside of the holster.³

    Not legal Legal

    K. Seeing daylight when looking through the belt slot area of the holster with it on the belt/body.³

    L. Any type of filler to hide an offset.

    Exception – Police or military officers may use their duty rig, but ALL retention features of the holster MUST be used and all belt

    equipment (mace, handcuffs, etc.) must be present.

    Me personally I would save more money and buy thisthis or this  before I bought a fobus holster. I have a safe full of holsters I wouldn't use for IDPA so I should know.

    Buy once cry oncewink

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    I've heard great things about the Ruger LCP .380, unfortunatly it's not on the approved handgun list for CA; and rumor has it, there are no plans to ever alter the gun so it makes the list.
    Arrrgg, CA gun laws....

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    Thanks Ty,
    Yes, I have a Glock 23 and been working with the holster and mag changes when I can. see you sunday

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    My opinion. At first look I would say keep saving your money. The P89 was discontinued a few years ago so if you are buying used then save up a little more and get a Glock, M&P, XD.  These are the 3 most popular inexpensive IDPA guns and very popular in our sport. Popular not by accident, popular for a reason. All the aftermarket company's carry both stock and enhanced parts for these guns. They run 500-600 new and 350-450 on the used market. I paid $350 for a barely used M&P. Paid $500 for another with blade-tech holster 4 magazines and mag pouch. So be patient and shop around is my advice. Also stay away from a gun with a magazine disconnect. My first one had one. My second to did not. A magazine disconnect is an inconvenience during IDPA. Once finished, you have to put an empty magazine in the gun to complete the "hammer down command" for the safety officer. Not a deal breaker just a pain in the butt. The longer the barrel the longer the sight radius the gun has. This is good. XD5" and 4", M&P 4.25", Glock G17, G34 fill about 75% of the non-1911 guns. The rest are Beretta 92's Sig 226,229,220, S&W 59xx CZ SP01 and a few others. The P89 would fall in the "few other" category. 1911 also play a significant part in the game. Their weight combined with a single action trigger that breaks like glass combined with a long sight radius makes it a great gun, but pricey. Contact me if you are interested in trying an M&P or XD I may be able to help.

    Didnt I hear you say you had a Glock compact. I also say borrow a holster and mag pouches and play with the Glock. Then invest money later once you have a grasp at what works best for you. All to often we see someone buy a "good deal" gun only to be dis-satisfied at how it works for this game. (ask me how I know) .

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    You also inspired me to activate the signatures on posts. so if you want to activate your signature just visit your user profile.

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    No problem. I'll bring 5 Wilson combat 8 round mags for you to use.  I'm putting them in my range bag, so I won't forget.


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    If anyone can bring some extra 1911 .45 magazines to the next match. I only own 2 7 rounder and want to have more magazines so I don't hold up the classifier strings. So if anyone can loan me some magazines much would be appreciated.  Classifying CDP with the CBOB next Sunday.


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    SB 124 was not presented and was put into the suspense file with a high likely hood that it will not make it out.

    This means 124 is in suspense now.

    sb427 and 809 will likely also be suspense which means our main concerns left unless I am forgetting one or two are AB 144 and the bb gun one SB 798

    Found this on CALguns this evening.