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    Ty, believe me, I'm not complaining. And I am not a computer geek either, I just spend a lot of time of forums. Like I said, the save is OK once I figured it out. And I will probably have more problems with it than others. :-( As I've said before, nice going on getting this thing up and running. It's a whole lot better than the old site.

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    I fixed external links "not opening in a new window". Gallery is an internal link so it didn't require the tweaking that an external links need. This site is not run by simple html code. It is ran by a core program called Drupal. Drupal is a CMS (content management software) system that has a core engine that runs the basic web stuff. After installing I quickly put together a list of features I wanted and went in search for modules I could add to the core module. The great part about Drupal is that if it doesn't do what you want there is probably an "app for that". Some feature like the "save" button are hard coded into the core module. Even though I stayed at a holiday inn last night I am by no means a computer programmer. I can edit a little of this, change a little of that, but that is it. After researching your question about the "Save" button I found out it would take a little reconfiguring of the core module. That is not going to happen by this former concrete pumping, wannabe expert shooter. My skills do not go there. So until some super computer geek steps up and offers to help us with the site, that button will remain a save button. This is a dynamic site. Unlike other websites it is a dynamic site. Information is sitting in databases. This post is not actually on any page. It is just code sitting in a database waiting for you to tell it what to do. Drupal then goes and gets the requested information and displays it in a fashion that your browser recognizes as a page.  I must beware though we are currently running about 400 queries per page load. The more cool functions you have the longer it takes for a page to build.

    Eventually I will get tutorials up that can help the less than expert keyboard jockey post comments with confidence.  Until then we will just poke along. Thanks for the input. I will continue to try to keep everything user friendly.

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    When posting a comment, after typing it up, the buttons at the bottom say save and preview. Save is confusing, as it seems like it is saying to save it somewhere, rather than the common "post" that we see on most forums. I'm use to it now, but it was confusing at first.

    Also, when I open the video page, there is no way to go back to the home page. I must back click or go back to my favorites to find it again. The video page needs to open in a separate window. Same for the Gallery, it also needs a separate page. I haven't checked all the other pages, but they may need a home page button also.

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    Yea, people who bury their head in the sand and say by passing gun laws, or restricting carrying in certain areas, like schools, get to me. Just look at how many killings we have had a schools where weapons aren't allowed. Stupid. If just a few of the teachers were armed, most of the killings would never have taken place. Same at the capitol. If a gunman makes it into the chambers, who is going to stop him from killing folks. The guard who he killed to get in? What a joke these guys are.

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    Also today April 12th 2011 the public safety committee approved AB809 rifle registration and SB144 open carry ban. This puts California one step closer to a misguided attempt at a gun free utopia, voters apparently want. Bad guys will still get guns, like prisoners get cell phones, and Charlie Sheen gets dope. Making it illegal only changes behavior. It doesn't rid the problem.  

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    From KCRA Channel 3 website 04/12/11: SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- The Speaker of the Assembly has requested an internal review over the issue of assembly members currently being allowed to carry concealed weapons inside the Capitol. Source

    I hope this will open some more discussion regarding the restrictions on CCW. When the speaker says "well trained professionals" I find this of great concern. I have law enforcement friends in other counties and Nev. who have said there are a lot of people on the force that only fire their weapon enough to qualify for the year. I was told of one example of an officer who's gun had actually rusted in the holster and was difficult for her to remove.

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    I agree also.
    Not only do you make yourself a target of the un-informed public and face hassle from law enforcement, you could also be making yourself the first target of a violent act.
    It is better to covert carry and have surprise on your side...

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    My opinion is DON'T DO IT... Not because you don't have a right to do so, but because it doesn't move the RKBA (right to keep and bear arms) in a direction that is advantageous to us gun lovers. In a State like California guns are not widely accepted in public. Wearing a gun openly (In my opinion) attracts negative attention. It sucks that our State has evolved into what it is. I would rather let the folks like CRPA (where I am a life member) and keep making forward progress, like they have in the last few years. The same guy Alan Gura that brought us Incorporation on the 2nd amendment last year said "stand down" on the subject of open carry. So I choose to heed his advice and do that.  

    I am not a lawyer or try to act as one. I did however stay at a Holiday Inn last night. :) 

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    My first choice is Ready Tactical. best fit and finish though they dont have all makes and models. You can find them here. CPWSA is a top notch company, buy with confidence. They also have the best mag pouches.

    Second would be either blade-tech or comp-tac. They mage great stuff. I own all of them. I would by ready tactical first if avalible. If price is a concern there are others, but in my opinion, you get what you pay for.

    Blade tech sells a kit that can be your best bang for your buck. Kit includes holster, and mag pouches.

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    I don't like the laws we have in this state regarding CCW, but I don't like Open Carry either. The reality is we have a number of folks out there that panic at the sight of a gun. Sure, maybe open carry is legal, but why antagonize the folks. It goes against us as a group in the long run. And you are going to be stopped by the police and there goes the nice day. I don't want to see it outlawed, there are times Open Carry is appropriate, but it should be with a loaded gun. Just my opinion.

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    I just finished watching the newly posted videos of the Sunday, April 10 ICORE match. Really enjoyed them, keep posting them. Easy to relive the day.

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    Our New Shooter's Information Packet is in the Club Information Section of this site...

    We use the info page from the Richmond Hotshots Website

    Here is the Link. Pay close attention to the equipment rules for holster, mag pouches and concealment garment.

    You and your buddies are going to love this...  It's very addictive.