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    Hey Ty,

    Ditto what everyone else has said - VERY nicely done, and thanks for the time and effort.  

    I also have a couple of questions/comments/suggestions, for what they are worth:

    1.  I like the rotating picture in the banner, but for several of the pics, the words of the title run across faces, or otherwise mar the effect of the photo.  I wonder if you'd consider either moving the text to the bottom of the banner box where it is less likely to get in the way, or editing the pictures and/or size of the banner div itself such that there is some space at the top of the pics for the words to fit.

    2. The new photo gallery is nice.  It would be kind of nice if the monthly shoot collections displayed in the right order (e.g., Jan before April, etc.)  Would it work to name them numerically (or add a numeric prefix) to get them to automatically sort in this way?

    3. From the photo gallery, there is no obvious way to get back to the main site.  (You can, of course, hack the URL, but that's like cheating...)  I wonder if you intended the gallery to open in a new browser window, or if there is an easy way to include site nav on at least the main photo gallery page (which you CAN navigate back to from within the collections.)


    So there are a couple of thoughts about improvement, just in case you don't have enough ideas of your own!!


    OK, I just got one more thing - I typed this in with regular old returns for line breaks, etc., but it formatted it as one large paragraph, at least in the preview.  I can't figure out how to break it up so it's more readable.  (I'm on a mac using safari, in case that's helpful.)


    Thanks again for your time and effort on this.  It's pretty phenomenal!




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    Crazy! Bad things happen to good people without any prior notice. Be prepared.

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    Nice job on the new website, Ty. I know it's a lot of work to do this kind of stuff and I appreciate you doing it.
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    The Classifier shoot is now full. Another will be scheduled for next month if there is any interest.

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    I love the new upgrades, Ty.  Nice job. 


    I can tell you have already put many hours into the new site.  THANK YOU for all that you are doing for the club!

    How long until we drop the old site?  I can't see any reason to keep it alive, except maybe for an auto-forward to the new site... (for those who are slow to change their bookmarks..).