2013 Midvalley Regional IDPA Championship

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Brian Gonsalves
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2013 Midvalley Regional IDPA Championship

Midvalley Defensive Shooters 2013 Central California Regional IDPA Sanctioned Championship Match.  Sunday June 30th in Winton, CA

Info here:  http://www.safetyfirstshooting.org/html/ca_regional.html



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Mark Barr
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Congratulations to the 9 NVSA

Congratulations to the 9 NVSA shooters who shot the Central California Regional IDPA Match on Sunday at the River Oaks range near Winton, CA. It was hot, with temps ranging up to 104 degrees in the sun.  Even so, every stage was fun and challenging.  Results from the Safety First Shooting Association website are here.

A huge thanks goes to all those who worked the match.  They had to shoot the match on Saturday in temps up to 108 degrees and come back Sunday to work all day in the heat.  They did a great job too. 

Mark Barr

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