5th Day Fun Match

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A glance at the calendar shows that Sunday, 29 January is a fifth Sunday… and THAT means... FUN MATCH DAY! Registration opens January 15, 2017.

Six Stages. 131-rounds minimum. Mostly paper targets, using the 0-1-3 Shoot targets and the white No Shoots. 1 second per point down, all procedural penalties, hits on No Shoots, etc. are 5-seconds

Gates will open at 0700 for those desiring to help the stage designer put up targets. Most of the stages will be built on Saturday. Sign-in starts at 0815, new shooter meeting goes at 0830, sign-in cutoff is 0845, shooters meeting is 0900 and hammers will be falling shortly thereafter.

If you have not shot one of our Fun Matches, you are missing a good time.

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