The April 14th ICORE Match

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Mark Barr
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The April 14th ICORE Match

Scores Here         Stages here:

Overall Champion: John Bagakis
Open winner: Mark Barr
Limited winner: John Bagakis
Classic Scott Frazier
Top Lady: Wendy Hamby
Top Senior: Scott Frazier
Top Super Senior: Mike Kern

Our April 14th ICORE match is going to be fun.  I have posted the stages and you KNOW the weather is going to be perfect.  If you haven't purchased a gate key from the city yet, make sure and get that done.  For this Sunday you can catch a ride with someone who has a key, get there early and wait for someone to let you in or park and walk in.  Stage setup starts at 7:00am, registration runs 8:15 to 8:50, Shooter's meeting at 9:00.  Don't be late!

Mark Barr

Lynn Brazelton
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Well, the stages may have

Well, the stages may have looked a bit intimidating when first viewed, and they were a bit difficult, especially for  an old duffer like me. but they were sure a lot of fun. I do think everyone had a great time today. I didn't hear a negative comment about anything all day long.


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Ty Hamby
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The Pro-AM was a hoot! image

The Pro-AM was a hoot! image and entire day of nothing but those type stages. Got to add that to my bucket list. #54 Shoot a Pro Am major. Enjoyed shooting with 5 time ICORE World Champion John Bagakis. Of course anyday at the range with friends is a good day. I do think a star would be a great purchase for the club. We need to get more practice at shooting a star if we ever want to be compedative at a major match.  Great to see everyone today, see some of you next weekend.


"Unnecessarily restrictive engagement requirements by default is the hallmark of a lazy or flat out terrible stage designer." ~ unknown

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Yep! Thanks to Matt's

Yep! Thanks to Matt's reloading skills I no longer have the heavy leading issue. NOW, I just gotta check the right box on the orderform sose I get ROUND nose rather than Semi-Wad Cutter.... AND 3000 of 'em at that. The new BigButt feels pretty good too. Had some good runs on Whhheee HAH! (GREAT stage Wendy!) and the
Pro-Am, HOWEVER... Lost my place on the Classifier (DUHHHHH!) and got 2 mikes, 2 extra shots AND a Failure to Engage. Wasn't till the 2nd reload that I figgered THAT out. Color me STOOPID! At least I WAS able to deal well with those Texas Stars, ayuh.

The ability to shoot straight is that part of national security which affects the individual more than any other. - Merritt "Red Mike" Edson; CMOH-USMC

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If I was having any more fun

If I was having any more fun than I was on Sunday, there would be something not legal about it. Thanks to all stage designers. And oh, that Taxes star!

Tony Reis

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Mark Barr
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Tony, you looked like you

Tony, you looked like you were having a great time with that new 8 shot gun. Congratulations! 

Mark Barr

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Brian Gonsalves
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Thanks to all!  What a great

Thanks to all!  What a great match!  Always fun to watch John shoot!  And if I do say so myself, the Pro-Am steel stage was pretty fun!

How many of you want to see more stages like that?



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