Blackhawk SERPA Holsters

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Blackhawk SERPA Holsters

Blackhawk SERPA holsters will NOT be allowed on the NVSA range at any time after January 1, 2012.

There will be an exception allowed for Law Enforcement Officers using a SERPA holster as part of their required DUTY belt equipment.

If you currently use the SERPA and will be looking for a replacement, the Board suggests Blade-Tech from  or Ready Tactical from Both companies have been supporters of our annual BBQ Match the last few years. 


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This decision was based on

This decision was based on numerous injuries caused by negligent discharges caused by improper use.  Many trainers, training facilities and ranges have banned them as well.  While we have not had any issues, safety needs to be our number one concern! 


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It be easier to compile a

It be easier to compile a list of who still allows them vs. who has banned them
More and more Federal agencies are moving away from trigger finger holster buttons. (Serpa)

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