The Boberg XR9

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The Boberg XR9

Last week Wendy and I went to shot show. Every now and then you see a product that intrigues you. Well this one got may attention. The slick part was that it stripped the round out of the magazine on the recoil stroke. This may sound strange, but just think of the chatter when a plastic gun hit the street. This may be for compacts what Glock was to many. Simply a new and inovative way of doing such a simple task.

At first I thought, Oh no not this again. Someone who doesn't know how to put ammo in a magazine. We all remember the photo that resulted from the print contractor knowing nothing about a gun. H&K was not the least happy about.  

While browsing at Shot show I stumble on this. A compact pistol with a 4+ inch barrel configured a lot like a bull pup, but in a pistol.

Check out some of the workings.




Well as you can see this is a innovative concept for a compact pistol. Before you all run down to your local Berry Creek Guns dealer, you must understand that other than a few of out law enforcement friends. This will not be available to the masses in California anytime soon. None the less I wanted to share. What are your opinions on the review.