Bullet Proof Your Mind

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Bullet Proof Your Mind


Civilian Empowerment

Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman

~ M. Ed., Counseling Psychology ~

Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman will follow and discuss why you are here and why this has become important to you! 

  • Terrorism, the "Perfect Day" & the threats to our schools
  • "Israeli Model" of armed Citizen's as our model
  • The world-wide explosion of violent crime and its impact
  • Media Violence
  • Video Game Violence
  • Serious Assaults
  • Surviving Gun Shot Wounds
  • Thou Shalt Not Kill?
  • Survivors Guilt
  • Ethics for the Gun Owning Citizen
  • Case studies in heroism

When:  Saturday, March 9, 2013

Where:  Sunrise Community Center 8321 Greenback Lane, Fair Oaks, CA 

Time:  9am to 4 pm (Check-in opens at 8 am)


Discounted Registration when completed Online at: www.patriottraining.org 

Individual $79

Two or more $59

CCW Holder $59 Required CCW#



Add "CRPA" in the Promo Code Box during online registration, and receive 40% off the Individual attendee fee - CRPA cost is $47 across the board (Single, Multiple or CCW categories all get the $47 rate if they enter CRPA in Promo Code Box).

Bulletproof Mind for the Armed Citizen

Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman is a former West Point psychology professor, a Pulitzer Prize nominated author, and a former US Army Ranger who has spent a lifetime studying and teaching about the reality of combat. He is our nation's most successful and respected trainer of military, SpecialForces and law enforcement; on the road, almost 300 days a year training our nation's "sheepdogs" a term that he coined in his famous treatise on "The Sheep, the Wolf, and the Sheepdog." Now his dynamic, powerful and inspirational training is available to all citizens as he teaches about the threats to our nation, internal, external and terrorist related, and the role (as intended, under the Constitution) of armed American citizens in answeringthese threats.

Dave Grossman will clearly articulate the threats we face as a Nation and why now, more than any other time in our History, citizens must safeguard and exercise our 2nd Amendment Right. Every attendee will find this seminar SOBERING, INSPIR ATIONAL & MOTIVATING and will leave with a new found perspective on the importance of protecting and maintaining our 2nd Amendment!

Dave Grossman's seminar covers the truth about the explosion of violence in America (Think things are getting better? Think again...); What it takes to be a warrior capable of stopping violent attackers; The hidden truth about lethal combat...; How the body responds to a violent attack, and what you can do now to ensure your body responds the right way; How to prepare your spouse for an attack; The New Killer of the 21st Century, and why most people aren't willing to talk about it; Important drills that Nobody practices that would save countless lives; Who is Teaching Our Kids To Kill? Find out now soYOU can put a stopto it and much, more... 


Here is what some USCCA members have said about Dave's powerful civilian presentation

My family is safer than ever before

"...Worth at least 100 times more than the event tickets... Lt. Col. Dave Grossman taught us more in 10 minutes than what I expected to learn during the whole event. He succeeded at jam-packing over 30 years of experience into a single day, in a way I have never encountered before. Because of Dave and the USCCA, my family is safer than ever before..." -USCCA Member

This seminar made me a better man, husband, father, and citizen

"David Grossman presented challenging and poignant info...I became aware that Personal Preparedness is a must for every citizen that thinks of oneself as responsible, gun owning and committed to excellence. This seminar made me a better man, husband, father, and citizen... If not me, who? If not now ... When?" -USCCA Member


Invite your family, friends and co-workers

attend this Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman seminar!


REGISTER NOW @ www.patriottraining.org 


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Got my registration in...

Got my registration in... mebbe I'll see ya there.

The ability to shoot straight is that part of national security which affects the individual more than any other. - Merritt "Red Mike" Edson; CMOH-USMC

David Maffei
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That sounds like a very

That sounds like a very interesting event, but, unfortunately, I'll be working this Saturday. Next time.

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Gotta say I thoroughly

Gotta say I thoroughly enjoyed Colonel Grossman's presentation. He is both quite entertaining and very informative. It is alsso very apparent that he truly believes in what he teaches. IF you consider yourself a Sheepdog, you should really consider attending one of his training seminars. The CRPA's primary lobbyist in Sac-town also gave a short briefing on what we can expect from anti-Second Amendment turds in SAC and how we should be dealing with 'em...

ONE thing I DID take away from the Colonel was...


Ed V. Will catch the reference, HooAhh!

The ability to shoot straight is that part of national security which affects the individual more than any other. - Merritt "Red Mike" Edson; CMOH-USMC

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