Canton PD Notification Arrest & Officer Conduct

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Canton PD Notification Arrest & Officer Conduct

 **caution video contains bad language**

There will be no Cop Bashing here. Please keep it civil.

99% of law enforcement officers are all good folks that do a job most wont do. They risk their lives daily to keep communities safer. The video linked to this story is a reason this law is bad. (California doesn't yet have a requirement to inform). This officer treats a lawful CCW holder worse than any rabid dog should ever be treated.


Shortly after HB12 became law in 2004, Ohioans for Concealed Carry began to hear horror stories about the way law enforcement had reacted during traffic stops. Motorcyclists were told to conceal their guns instead of carrying them openly (motorcycle open-carry then was required by law). Computers in some police departments generated a felony warrant indicator when processing a license plate linked to a Concealed Handgun License. This caused multiple police vehicles to converge on a licensee in order to perform a felony traffic stop.

Read and watch the rest here:


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From the Canton Repository:

The ability to shoot straight is that part of national security which affects the individual more than any other. - Merritt "Red Mike" Edson; CMOH-USMC

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