In case you forgot how that came apart.

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In case you forgot how that came apart.

I dug out my old Mark1 that has not seen a drop of grease or cleaning in about 20 years. I know I know there is no excuse for that. Well upon pulling the barrel and receiver off, it was clear that I needed to clear my calendar, hold all calls and put on my gunsmithing spectacles. If I was a gunsmith I might own some of those but I digress.

It was quickly apparent that It was in need of a full monty makeover. I was not going to get the dust bunnies blended with toothpaste looking crap out of the gun without taking it all the way down to nothing. So I go examining the guns construction  while pushing pins and springs out of the gun at a blistering pace until all that was left was some grime coated machines steel parts and a pile of springs and pins.

I then proceed to wipe scrub and polish all the parts, clips, springs. When finished there was not two parts still connected. Elated at how the parts cleaned up It was now time to put it all back together. ....



Hmm? Houston we have a problem.

I think this goes here and that goes there. Hmm? So off to the internet I go. Knowing trial and error would take me till dawn I speed up the reassemble with this website. It was exactly what I needed. This website made short work of it and I quickly had it all back together and running sweet. I will have to bring it to the next match and check function before I show up at a rimfire match.

Anyone wanting to take their Ruger Mark1 apart should feel confident that with this information it should be considered childs play.