December 11 ICORE match

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Mark Hicks
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December 11 ICORE match

Update: RESULTS here

Overall Champion: Brian Gonsalves
Open winner: Brian Gonsalves
Limited winner: Ty Hamby
Classic winner: Mike Kern
High Lady: Wendy Hamby
High Senior: Mike Kern
High Super Senior: Don Barr

Looks like we're set to have a great day tomorrow for ICORE.  Steve, Brian, Charlie and Mike all will have stages for us.  Of course they can all use some help to set up.  Should be a beautiful day weather wise also.  I just saw on the Brian Enos forum that at the 2012 IRC the standards stage will use par time.  This will be something new for most of us to deal with when shooting the stage.  I haven't tried it with the par times in place.  Sounds like a real challenge.  See you all in the morning.  Mark Hicks

I just found a description of the par times for the standards stage.  I think you also have the option of going prone or standing at 50 and 25 yds.  I know that if you wanted to shoot standing at 50, you started facing uprange and on the signal turned towards the targets.    Unless there have been any changes.  Starting at 50 yards.

Lets see, 50 yds, draw, go prone, 6 rounds, 6 targets  under 9 seconds. 25 yds, draw, 6 rounds, 6 targets,  under 7 seconds. 12 yds, draw, 6 rounds, 3 targets, reload, 6 rounds, 3 targets  under 10 seconds. 3 yds, draw, 6 rounds, 3 targets, strong hand only, reload, 6 rounds, 3 targets, weak hand only,  under 10 seconds.

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Guess thay had too many "Xs"

Guess thay had too many "Xs" last year and decided to make it 'tougher'.

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Mark Hicks
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We did have a great day

We did have a great day Sunday at our ICORE match.  With 20 shooters we had enough to split up into two groups and were all wrapped up before 1pm.  Also, I received this email from  Chris Sallee in San Luis Obispo.

Announcement:  The 2012 Southwest Regional Revolver Championship will again be at the Hogue Range on Saturday, April 21, 2012!  When we get a match application made up, we will send it out.

See you Saturday,
Chris Sallee

I'd love to make it but my daughter is getting married in Chico that day.  I already had been informed of a reunion on that date that luckily got moved to the end of March. 

See you Sunday for some IDPA shooting.  Mark Hicks



Mark Hicks
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I just saw that the ICORE

I just saw that the ICORE website has updated the classifications as of the 19th.   I just squeezed into B.  Mark Hicks

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