DOJ documents Bullet Buttons in AR-15's are legal in California.

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DOJ documents Bullet Buttons in AR-15's are legal in California.

No more need to discuss if Bullet Buttons are legal in an otherwise properly configured AR-15

Forwarded from Jim bass, (Folsom Shooting Club President)

Today the California Department of Justice has admitted in court that rifles with a properly configured Bullet Button and using magazines that hold 10 or less rounds are perfectly legal to possess and use.  Please take a look at more details.


The brief version is that a shooter was arrested in the Bay Area with a properly configured AR 15 type rifle with a Bullet Button installed.  The shooter was arrested for possession of an "assault weapon."  The shooter was defended by the Calguns Foundation, and the arresting law enforcement agency paid for the shooters bail.  Today the DoJ filed a motion to dismiss the case and documented that rifles with a properly installed Bullet Button are legal and NOT "assault weapons."


The lawyers that made this possible do not work for free.  Please make a *tax deductible* donation at  Even if it's only $10 or $20 every penny counts and goes to funding more important cases like this one.  Currently CGF is involved in cases to reform CCW, kill the "not unsafe" handgun roster and other cases designed to restore our Second Amendment rights.  Sacramento County is now virtual shall issue because of the work this organization has done.