The Evils Of Speed Holstering

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The Evils Of Speed Holstering

The Evils Of Speed Holstering

Posted by Ed Head on Jul 3rd, 2012

Alright guys, let’s admit it; we all learned to shoot watching our heroes on television and in the movies. As a youngster I would try to outdraw Marshal Dillon at the beginning of Gunsmoke then manfully shove my pistol into the holster just like Paladin did in Have Gun, Will Travel. This childish play with a toy gun was harmless but there are some serious issues involved with slamming a loaded pistol into a holster. Putting the pistol away quickly or forcefully is what I refer to as speed holstering, perhaps the most evil of bad habits one can acquire as a shooter. Speed holstering is tactically unsound, very unsafe and probably accounts for the majority of self inflicted wounds during handgun training.

Although there may be some very good reasons for drawing a pistol quickly from the holster there is almost never a reason to be in a hurry to put the gun away and there is never a good reason to shove it into the holster in dramatic fashion. Doing so risks being caught in the holster when the fight might not be over and vastly increases the risk of a self inflicted wound to the leg, foot or butt.

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On a related issue... Please WAIT for the commands of the Safety Officer when you've completed a stage. Some of us are slow, methodical and want to do the checks by-the-numbers.