February 25th 2018 Tactical Steel Match

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February 25th 2018 Tactical Steel Match

I will have the 2 inner gates open at 0730 to start stage settup. If you can come at that time to help out, I could use the muscle!  If you do not have your own outer gate key (available from the city of Gridley) then you should come early and somebody will let you in when they come in. I will send someone to open the gate at 0840 and the shooters meeting will begin at 0845.  We start the match by 0900.

Shoot you rimfire pistol, rifle, centerfire pistol or pistol caliber cabine. We have 3 rifle stages (105 round maximum) and 3 pistol stages (105 round maximum). (See provisional Tactical Steel Rules)

 Check here the night before the match after 7 PM in case of match cancellation/updates. 

Hope you can make it!  Bring a friend, spouse, or acquaintance you want to humiliate :-).

Mark Barr (five-three-zero, five-one-eight, four-zero-six-eight)

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