February 9th "Shot in the Dark II" - Night Shoot

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February 9th "Shot in the Dark II" - Night Shoot

Scores Here       Stages Here

High Senior: Tony Reis ESP - Unclassified 140.86 (13)
High Lady: Wendy Hamby ESP - Marksman 147.37 (16)
High Law Enforcement: John Mercurio CDP - Master 82.13 (10)
High Military Veteran: Wayne Johnson CDP - Expert 111.83 (14)
High Distinguished Senior: Wayne Johnson CDP - Expert 111.83 (14)
Most Accurate: John Mercurio CDP - Master 82.13 (10)

ty hambyng>By popular demand, the "Night Shoot" is back!  Pre-registration required. This match will be limited to club members in good standing with a Marksman or higher classification, who have not been disqualified from a club match in the last 2 years.  Space limited.   Signup HERE


We will have stage setup at 4:00, registration starting at 6:15, Shooters meeting at 7:00 and first shots about 7:15. The gate is in limited operation, and will require a leap frog system like we used during construction.  So don't miss "gate hours" 4:00 to 4:15 for people helping with set-up, and 6:10 to 6:50 for everyone else.  After 6:50, you will need to walk in.

It will be very dark out there (no moon) so bring a non weapon mounted flashlight for shooting and a red or orange chemical light stick for loading mags, blowing your nose, etc.  Active hearing protection (working) will be required due to limited visibility. Night sights are not required, but do help.  Clear shooting glasses help as well. Please bring a red or green light to use while scoring & taping.  Head lamps are perfect. Tactical torches to be used during the COF only.  All stages require that you wear concealment.  

NO WHITE LIGHT is to be used for any reason, except for the shooter on the line!  PERIOD!

Light etiquette will be strictly enforced. You will be expected to keep your light in your own space. No, who light is brighter contests. It is important to limit your personal light leakage to a minimum. When the shooter steps up to “load and make ready” everyone else will be expected to keep their lights off.

Help with stage setup at 4:00 is greatly appreciated. 



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Night Shoot I'm getting my

Night Shootcool I'm getting my Igloo ready. With any luck it will be above sub 0.

Tony Reis

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Brian Gonsalves
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These night shoots are

These night shoots are getting very popular!  Match is half-full already!  

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Mark Barr
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I about froze last time... 

I about froze last time...  Maybe ICORE on Sunday the 10th is a better idea..

Still, it was fun...

Mark Barr

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Ty Hamby
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If the weather holds out I

If the weather holds out I may go. I signed up just in case. I was awful cranky the next morning last time. (Mark can attest). cool

Have plans in the afternoon. May show up at dark if all goes well.

"Unnecessarily restrictive engagement requirements by default is the hallmark of a lazy or flat out terrible stage designer." ~ unknown

Dave Gunsauls
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Have Mandatory FAA training

Have Mandatory FAA training T-F-S so just ICORE for Sunday.

My toes will thank me smiley

Dave G

A friend will bail you out of jail ,,, A true friend will be there sitting next to you saying "Damn, that was fun!"

Lynn Brazelton
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Well, I signed up again.

Well, I signed up again. Signed up last time and unfortunately had to back out. I hope to make this one.


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Man, I need to get classified

Man, I need to get classified ASAP. ;)

Christopher W.Peplow

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Glad everyone had fun. Brian

Glad everyone had fun. Brian designed Stage 1 and I came up with theother three. Thanks to Wayne for the loan of the LED road flare 'camp fire' for "Not MY Weiner"... think everyone had some doubts about shooting those first 3 without a flashlight We're working on getting some video posted, so keep checking back. Y'all keep it in mind for next year! Oh... and yes, it does get a bitt chilly. BUT it IS winter.

The ability to shoot straight is that part of national security which affects the individual more than any other. - Merritt "Red Mike" Edson; CMOH-USMC

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