Frequently Asked Questions - Ruger Rimfire

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Frequently Asked Questions - Ruger Rimfire

The same question can sometimes be asked more than once. When this happens I will try to post it here to help everyone. 

Question: I want to shoot Pistol, do I have to shoot rifle as well?

Answer: Each match is shot with both a rifle and a pistol. If you do not have both, one may be available for you to borrow 

Question: I have 2 kids 6 & 10, are they able to come along and watch?

Answer: Your children are welcome to come and watch (or shoot). While there is no age requirement in Ruger Rimfire there is a skill requirement. Once able to manipulate your weapons safely by themselves and be able to instantly understand and react to range commands issued by the safety officer your children are welcome to shoot as well. Eye and ear protection must be worn by everyone (even spectators) All Day! If your children are spectators only, understand the range is not a playground while dad shoots. We do however encourage parents and children to come out together.

Question: Is there a time after the shoot or before where I can practice by myself or with my friends and family?

Answer: No, our range is only available to use during match events. It is not open to the public before or after events.