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Holster IWB

I am going to get a new holster and was interested in any ones thoughts on the IWB  Minotaur mtac holster.

I like the idea of being able to change the kydex portion for different model guns.(got 10 at least)

I also like the idea of using for actual concealed carry. I know it may be a little slower than owb but just being faster is not that important to me. Safety is the bigger issue for reholstering.

Does anyone have one? how hard is it to reholster the firearm?

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Re-holstering when loaded is

Re-holstering when loaded is always a concern, If you want IWB just be aware of where the muzzle is pointed. It is easier to get a match DQ holstering IWB. If IWB is what you want I suggest practice, practice, practice. Do it as slowly as possible only using one hand. DQ's will come if you sweep your off hand while re-holstering. I have seen shooters get their shirt caught and instead of pulling the gun back out they reach around and pull the shirt while pulling the gun. Very easy to do without utilizing the proper technique. You will never be asked to re-holster on the clock. So take your time and pause and draw if you feel any resistance while holstering. you might also have to un naturally bend your hips to the side so the muzzle doesn't point at your thigh. A few of our members use IWB. So just take your time and practice. As far as that holster, I have never owned one of those. It is a knock off of the "Worlds best IWB holster EVER" IMO. Cross Breed Holsters makes what I believe the best IWB. Ugly but super functional. One of the things I dont like about Comp-tec's is that it is too thick. Remember if it is not comfortable you wont wear it. Comp-tec it a reputable company and I own 4 of their Kydex holsters. Good stuff. Buy with confidence.

Do you have a holster for your gun currently? I always tell ALL new shooters don't buy anything. Come out and play with what you got (or can borrow). You will learn more buy talking with others and get multiple views. That is one thing about and IDPA event. We all have an opinion, and no 2 are always alike. My opinion...... OWB for fun, IWB for every other hour of the day you are not shooting an IDPA event. Do not worry about incorrect training from an OWB draw. I carry IWB when not at the range. I don't feel under equipped to draw my IWB if nessessary.

 One of these days I will photograph the dozens of "what not to buy holsters" that I have. 

"If you plan to leave early, please arrive early to help set up. If you arrive late, please stay late to help take down. If you plan to arrive late and leave early, please do your shooting someplace else."

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