How are Rimfire stages and targets scored?

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How are Rimfire stages and targets scored?

Each stage gets 5 "runs" that are individually timed. The lowest 4 times are totaled for the stage time. It's just like golf - lower is better. Open and Limited are scored separately. The minimum total time for all the stages earns first place in the Open or Limited division, and the remaining Open or Limited shooters have their score calculated as a percentage of the best score.

The rule book states:

Competitors must compete with a handgun and a rifle in

order to qualify for prizes.

I am discussing options with others that are helping me to come up with a solution if this will be a mandatory requirement.

Not everyone currently owns both a Rifle and Pistol (like me). It may be possible to borrow equipment. We have not yet seen what equipment members that are interested have and what will be available to borrow. Stay tuned.