How do you align your sights?

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Ty Hamby
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How do you align your sights?

Take a look at the image below. How do you hold you sights? Also when you look at the crosshaira in the image below, do you translate that as the target zone or so you see that as the bullet hole. I picture it as a zoomed in bullet hole. I spoke with one man today that told me that If I hold at 6 Oclock that I would actually hold (up to 4") low on an 8 inch circle. I thought, um? No!

Which sight picture are you


I must admit I am #2

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Brian Gonsalves
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Until recently I always used

Until recently I always used Image 2.  Now that I have been using XS Standard Dot Sights I use Image 3.

I believe where you see Image 1 used the most is Bullseye, the targets are a set/fixed distances so the point of impact can be adjusted to be in the center of the black, where the hold allows you to see the light color of the target in the gaps between sides of the front sight and the notch of the rear.

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I use #1 with open-sighted

I use #1 with open-sighted rifles and #2 with the handguns.

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Tim Ilian
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#2 with adjustable sights and

#2 with adjustable sights and front blade as that was my muscle memory preferred, but #3 with fixed or red fiber front - putting the dot on the point of impact. Its no wonder I am not consistent.

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