ICORE is the International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts. ICORE serves the international community to promote action shooting competition with revolvers.

ICORE was founded in 1991 by Mike and Sharon Higashi, long time active shooters in all the handgun sports. Envisioned as an alternative to the "arms race" that was occurring in the other action shooting sports at that time, a revolver-only competition would allow even the most basic equipment to be used and still provide enjoyment and satisfaction.

Our sport combines elements of the Bianchi Cup, IPSC, and the Steel Challenge into demanding competition exclusively for revolvers. ICORE's standard paper target is the NRA D-1 target with 4 scoring areas.  Scoring is based on time, including time added or subtracted per the scoring rules. Falling and stationary steel plates are also used in ICORE events.  Some typical Courses of Fire here illustrate the type of shooting that is available at NVSA events.

Can I play? Yes. If you exhibit safe revolver handling skills. You need to be able to control the muzzle of your revolver at all times. NVSA is a cold range. That means at no time will any revolver be loaded with ammunition unless you are under the direct supervision of a certified safety officer.  You will also need to be able to load and unload your revolver. You will definitely need a desire to have fun. Feel free to contact a member at the club to discuss what equipment you have and if it will work well for this game. North Valley Shooters Association welcomes all new shooters to come out and watch free of charge.

We meet on the 2nd Sunday of every month. Get there before 8:30 to be registered and be present for the new shooters meeting to go over the range rules.