ICORE - Fallon & Gridley

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J L Rhodes
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ICORE - Fallon & Gridley

Don't know why I didn't register here sooner. But I am now.

Thanks to all of you that attended our Midwest Regional ICORE match in Fallon NV.

Stillwater Firearms Association was thrilled to host it - and I think we can safely say it was a success. Many thanks to Nathan Carmichael for being the match director, and a bunch of others that made it happen.

And many thanks to you for coming over to shoot! I sure hope we can do it again next year.

I've been wanting to come over and shoot with you. Not sure when I'll make it, but am going to try.

J. L. "Larry" Rhodes

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Ty Hamby
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Larry,   Great to see you



Great to see you post here. I may be the only NVSA member that frequents your clubs site.As we approach the Southwest or the IRC Wendy and I will come play with you guys. Since you shoot the 3rd Saturday it should not conflict with anything around here. Thanks for checking in and I hope to shoot together soon.  


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