ICORE Jan. 10th, 2016

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Ty Hamby
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ICORE Jan. 10th, 2016
Open Winner: Mark Barr
Limited Winner: Mike Kern
Limited 6 Winner: Jay Kuca
Classic Winner: Mark Hicks
High Senior: Mark Barr
High Super Senior: Mike Kern

January ICORE is a roll over from December. Charlie, Mark Hicks and Myself will be using our December stages. Lets hope the weather holds out for us. 

ICORE has released its new rulebook for 2016.  http://icore.org/pdf/ICORE_Rule_Book_Rev_2015-12-28.pdf

1) 6 round neutral stages is no longer a requirement by ICORE.
2) 6 Round limited is now its own division. ICORE now has 4 divisions. Classic, L6, L8, and Open
3) Other than club matches. Paper scoring will be required and will also the official score. (I submitted this rule change and the board voted to add my request)

Remember the rule book is a living breathing document that is formed by submissions of its members. If you have a request for a rule there is a form on ICORE's website. Submit the reason for your rule request and if approved will make it into the next rule book. Rule 6.7.1 through 6.7.6 was my submission after noticing several errors at both the IRC and their club match using the IPAD's. Having a paper backup will allow a shooter to protest the recorded score in the tablet. Many errors were not able to be protested even when the scorekeeper that entered the score admitted to the error and told the MD that the score was wrong. Now an MD's has more guidance on future rulings. If your are tired of me issuing 6 procedural for shooting with the wrong hand.......submit a rule request. :)

Fingers crossed on weather. 

Ty Hamby

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