ICORE Nov. 8th, 2015

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ICORE Nov. 8th, 2015

Sign up for Sundays ICORE match. With the weather changing be sure to check back each Saturday nights for updates on weather all winter long. I do need a few to come out and swap out the night match targets for ICORE targets Sunday morning but the stages wil be much the same. It is going to be a fun match. Stages will be posted Tuesday night. 

ICORE has announced a couple of changes to the rules. 

1) A new division of Limited - 6. Official division rules TBD Jan 2016. This will help split up the bloated Limited division into 2 divisions. One limited to 6 and another unlimited capacity. 

2) They are also dropping the requirement of 6 round neutral stages.

I am open for other opinions but first I would like to express my thoughts of 6 round neutral and the direction I would like to see our club going in with regards to 6 round neutral.

We are all shooting each in our own divisions. Limited is shooting other Limited shooters and Classic is shooting other Classic shooters. There really was never a need for 6 round neutral since we are each shooting our own division. That said. At NVSA I have enjoyed seeing the top classic shooters competing with Limited and Open. This is possible due to mostly great classic shooters and 6 round neutral stage design. While NVSA has always been a club were, no matter if we are shooting Bug division or Open division we all like battling it out for Top Dog.

ICORE is entertainment. We all show up on Sunday to shoot and be entertained by the stages we design. If you are not happy shooting ICORE with us then I am doing something wrong. 6 Round neutral stages in my opinion do not hurt Classic, Limited, or Open shooters. The only challenge with 6 round neutral stages is in designing entertaining ones. For the most part we do a good job of this. So moving forward, unless there is great pushback by a majority of shooters, I would like myself and our members to continue designing and enjoying 6 round neutral stages. I will do my best to assist anyone struggling with their design to achieve this. I will also help correct match day errors to keep things moving in this direction. Prepare yourself for a target being thrown in here or there to make it work best for all divisions and keep with 6 round neutral designs. 

Other clubs host only 1 or 2 classic shooters so for them this requirement seemed overly burdensome. However at NVSA we host 30-40% or more shooters that are restricted to 6 rounds. For them this it wil help them and any Limited or Open shooter afraid of a Classic shooter beating them, well.....you should be afraid. 

If I am wrong and the majority wishes to do away with 6 round neutral then we can adjust that down the road.     

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