IDPA 2017 Provisional Rules

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Ty Hamby
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IDPA 2017 Provisional Rules

This is provisional only. until 1/1/2017
1) Visual Cover Lines (VCR) may be used if a MD desires.
2) Shooters may try out IDPA 3 times before being required to join IDPA. 
3) New FP Flagrant Penalty 10 Seconds (requires MD approval)
4) New 72 round Classifier
5) Reload in the open and continue engaging targets if desired. 
6) Any IDPA legal reload anywhere anytime as long as you are not exposed to unengaged targets. 
7) One second per point. 
8) No required tactical sequence
9) NEW Pistol Caliber Carbine division
10 Bug Revo 5 rounds
11) Intentionally firing rounds as something other than a target. (ie. dumping rounds in a berm)
12) May shoot from middle of port (near to far) 50% upper body exposed.
13) Total movement under own power = 20 yards
14) Re-engage a target anywhere it can safely be done. 
15) Semi-auto classification transfers to all semi-auto divisions.
16) No mandating reloads. Reloads as necessary.

There may be more but that is all I see right now. 

Effective 1/1/2017

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Ty Hamby
Joined: Feb. 23rd, 2011
Here is a master shooter

Here is a master shooter shooting the new classifier. 

"Unnecessarily restrictive engagement requirements by default is the hallmark of a lazy or flat out terrible stage designer." ~ unknown

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Thank you Ty for the

Thank you Ty for the information.

Tony Reis

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Mark Barr
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The new rules make IDPA a whole new game

 Wow! IDPA sure has changed. We shot the NVSA match yesterday in cool to cold conditions.  This was our first IDPA match with the new rules in effect. What a change! 

 The good things? I liked one second per down point. Everyone was shooting at a completely controlled pace. No more spray and pray in this game, let me assure you.  This makes a lot of sense because we will have to shoot carefully if we're ever out in a public place firing a weapon in self defense.  My worst fear in a shooting scenario would be hitting someone by accident. 

 The fault lines? At first I thought they were a terrible idea. But as I shot the match I began to realize that they do serve a purpose.  They allow people to shoot the match without fear of an unfair cover call. Also, cover is the same for everyone. We all know some   safety officers are more strict on cover calls then others, so squads do not all face the same standard.  I've heard someone say that judgment calls are always involved in sports. They say look at baseball. The umpire gets to call strikes and balls that can decide a game. The difference here is that in baseball the whole game has one umpire behind home plate. In our game we have multiple umpires judging in separate bays where no one can trust the consistency of standards.  Now we can trust thait consistency! 

 No more failure to neutralize penalties? This one I don't get. If you want to emphasize accuracy and make the game more closely match real life shooting why would you take away the failure to neutralize? After all,  if you don't neutralize an attacker he or she may very likely kill you. In my opinion the five second failure to neutralize penalty should have stayed.

 Allowing reloads out in the open? If you accept thate fault lines are a good idea, you have to accept that reloads can be done inside the fault lines anytime. I would prefer that the reloads not be allowed outside fault lines,  but for now reloads are allowed anywhere as long as you're not exposed to unengaged targets. 

 Five second penalty for no shoots? Five seconds still hurts, but  but it's the same penalty as missing the target entirely. Think about it. If you miss a bad guy with one of your shots you would not feel as bad nor would the penalties be as severe as if you hit an innocent person. I would favor a 10 or 15 second penalty for no shoot hits. In my humble opinion.

 The bottom line? I had a great time shooting this match and I saw lots of smiling faces around me. Some people will like the changes and some will complain bitterly. Remember, it's just a game.  Learn the new rules and see if you don't find that the game is actually more fun now. 

 Here is my hat cam video of the match. I was 14 points down and I was slow and deliberate. I ended up taking second place for the day overall.

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Ty Hamby
Joined: Feb. 23rd, 2011
Thank you Mark for the

Thank you Mark for the information. Since the new rule book is not official lets post the changes complied so far. 
Please add to this list any change you notice that is not listed below. 
1.2 “Cover” now refers to a position where a shooter can engage targets with a portion of their upper and lower body behind an object such as a wall. (Forget everything you once knew about 100% of lower body and 50% of upper body.)
2.2 Intentionally firing rounds at something other than a target or an activator is a DQ.
2.9 Muzzle safe exclusion zones on doors. DQ is only issues if gun enters the exclusion zone while a hand is touching the door knob or handle.
3.11 Shooters may try out IDPA 3 times before being required to join IDPA.
3.2 Tac Priority only. Tac Sequence not allowed.
3.2.7 May re-engage targets from other shooting positions if not breaking a muzzle safe point.
3.4 Any IDPA legal reload may be done anywhere anytime, stopped or moving as long as you are not exposed to un-engaged targets.
3.5.6 When running the gun empty in the open, reload and continue engaging targets if desired.
3.6 Feet and Fault Sticks only will be used to determine "in cover" instead of called cover based on an invisible line.
4.0 One Second Per Point Down scoring.
4.12 Disappearing target examples removed.
4.12 New head box circle added to the target.
4.3.1 ncomplete stage, method B was removed.
5.2 New Flagrant PE for times when the shooter gained more than 3 seconds worth of advantage.
6.6.12 Maximum distance for shooter movement under their own power is now 20 yards.
6.6.2 Maximum head shot distance now 15 yards on standards.
6.6.23 No mandating reloads. Reloads as necessary.
6.6.4 Maximum distance to target on a standard stage is 50 yards.
6.6.5 No memory stages. If you can see a target you can shoot it.
6.6.6 Only one paper target in a stage may have a different number of required rounds than the others.
8.1.2 and 8.2.10 Specialty Divisions (mostly undefined right now, need Match Admin book which will come out soon.)
8.1.4 Bug Revo 5 rounds.
8.2.2 ESP relaxed restrictions, notably full length dust covers allowed, and other stuff.
8.2.4 and 8.2.7 Smaller box for BUG and CCP and weight changes. No more full sized guns with short slides.
8.3.2 Chronograph is now done with the competitor’s firearm only.
9.3 A single semi-auto classifier level applies to all semi-auto divisions. Applies to new classifiers shot after 1/1/2017.
At>Rules, there are new, easier, classifier stages, and new time brackets.
Removed: Disappearing targets must be last target.
Removed: FTN.
Removed: Tac Sequence.
Removed: Receiving more than one FTDR in a match is a DQ.
Removed: Plate Racks not allowed.

There is now an index at the back of the book.

"Unnecessarily restrictive engagement requirements by default is the hallmark of a lazy or flat out terrible stage designer." ~ unknown

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