IDPA BUG Match Dec. 27th, 2014

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IDPA BUG Match Dec. 27th, 2014
Bug Pistol Champion: Mark Barr
Bug Revolver Champion: Brian Gonsalves
Overall Winner: Brian Gonsalves
High Lady: Remmi Sandler
High Senior: Mark Barr
High Super Senior: Phill Osbourn
Most Accurate: Brian Gonsalves

We will try again on Saturday, December 27th to hold a Back Up Gun match. Gates will open around 0700 for designers/builders/helpers. Sign-in will atart around 0800 and end at 0845, when the shooters meeting starts. Hammers down at 0900. An IDPA-legal holster will be required on most strings

Please read the BUG section of the rulebook.  It starts on page 37, rule # 8.2.6.  Here’s a link: IDPA Rulebook

If you haven't done so already, sign up at the link in the orange toolbar above. You will sign up for BUG Pistol or BUG Revolver, your highest IDPA Classification and any special category that is applicable.

Stage Designers This Month
Bay 1 Stage 1-Brian Gonsalves / Stage 2-Charlie Severance | Bay 2 Stage 3-Mark "The Horseman" Barr | Bay 3 Stage 4-Phill Osbourn
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Here's how the numbers played

Here's how the numbers played out. The results do not allow for separating Hits on Non-Threats from Failure To Neutralize, except on Stage #2.

Points Down - 796
Procedural Penaties - 22
HNT/FTN - 28

Stage #1 - 78 PD / 5 PP / 2 HNT-FTN
Stage #2 - 246 PD / 5 PP / 1 HNT
Stage #3 - 256 PD / 7 PP / 12 HNT-FTN
Stage #4 - 216 PD / 5 PP / 13 HTN-FTN

Looks like the swinger on #4's String 1 and the horse (which has been put to pasture for the duration, rest assured) are the culprits for the high HTN-FTN counts.

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Thanks to everyone that made

Thanks to everyone that made yesterdays BUG match happen. Fun stages with fun people. Thanks to the stages designers, Pill Osborn, Charlie Severance, Don Barr, Mark (The Cowboy trick Rider) Barr and Brian Gonsalves.

Tony Reis