IDPA BUG Match - Sunday, June 29

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IDPA BUG Match - Sunday, June 29

Stages HERE    Results HERE

Since there are only two divisions, Pistol and Revolver the results are as follows. 

Pistol Champion ~ Mike Kern
Revolver Champion ~ Bill Zaepfel

Breakdown by Class per Division

Pistol Expert ~ Mike Kern
Pistol Sharpshooter ~ Randy Hood
Pistol Marksman ~ Shannon Cunha
Pistol Novice ~ Venancio Retutal

Revolver Sharpshooter ~ Bill Zaepfel
​Revolver Marksman ~ Kurt Staib

Special Category

High Senior ~ Mike Kern
High Lady ~ Remington Sandler
High Law ~ Aaron Moe
High Military ~ Mike Kern
High Distinguished Senior ~ Randy Hood
Most Accurate ~ Mike Kern


We will be hosting an IDPA BUG (Back Up Gun) match on Sunday, 29 June. You can see the rules for BUGs HERE

The format is four stages of three strings each; all strings are 5-shots, but one. Shooters will be signed up in either SSP (pistol shooters), or SSR (revolver shooters) and will be shooting in their highest classification for the respective type of firearm. Ex: ESP Sharpshooter will be shooting SSP SS for the BUG match; an Expert ESR would shoot EX SSR for the match.

I will have the gate open at 0615 and will need definitely need help setting up the stages. Sign-in will begin at 0715; shooters’ meeting at 0745 and we will start shooting at 0800.

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I was looking forward to

I was looking forward to shooting this, it looks like fun. My Wife fell ill and I stayed home to take care of the Rugrat.

Christopher W.Peplow

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I am a new member and me and

I am a new member and me and my family love shooing here.
I witnessed something today from a senior member(Charlie) that was truly very honorable and reflects the values I like in this club - made me proud to be member. sign me up for a lifetime membership!

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Brian Gonsalves
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Thanks Charlie for

Thanks Charlie for putting  on the match!   It looks like there was a good turn out!

We will have another IDPA BUG Match on August 31st.



Lynn Brazelton
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Damn, one is pre knee

Damn, one is pre knee replacement adn one is just post. forces me to miss both of them. Sure sounds like fun though.



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