IDPA Bun Gun Match

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We will be hosting an IDPA BUG (Back Up Gun) match on Sunday, 30 November. You can see the rules for BUGs HERE. Sign up for match at link on the orange toolbar above.

Shooters will be signed up in either SSP (pistol shooters), or SSR (revolver shooters) and will be shooting in their highest classification for the respective type of firearm. Ex: ESP Sharpshooter will be shooting SS BUGP for the BUG match; an Expert ESR would shoot EX BUGR for the match. You will need an IDPA legal holster and concealment garment.

I will have the gate open at 0715 and will need definitely need help setting up the stages. Sign-in will begin at 0815; shooters’ meeting at 0845 and we will start shooting at 0900.