IDPA Classifier in Richmond this Saturday

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IDPA Classifier in Richmond this Saturday

The Richmond Rod & Gun Club will be holding an IDPA classifier on Action Pistol Bay 1, this Saturday, April 11th, starting at 9:00am.

Registration will start at 8:30am. Cost will be $15 per registration (please bring exact change). Per the rules, a single classification score can be applied to as many divisions as those in which the gun is legal (if you so choose). 

You must have a current IDPA membership to shoot this classifier. No exceptions. 

Remember that if you are planning to shoot Sacramento's regional championship in October, you will need to have a valid classification on your record (i.e. having shot one in your chosen division after October 2014). We do not know how many classifiers we will hold before October, so do not put this opportunity off if you are classification is out of date. 

Please RSVP with me at if you plan to shoot so that we know how many participants to expect.