IDPA Classifier Saturday May 16th & 17th

The May match is our annual Classifier and, by popular demand, will again this year be a two-day format, taking place the weekend of May 16th & 17th.

The requirements for shooters are:

1 - By rule, shooter must be a current paid member in good standing in IDPA upon registration. When HQ record is checked, if you are not current, you will not be allowed to register.

2 – Pre-registration via PractiScore is required. There will be NO walk-ups allowed. Sign up HERE

3 – Shooter may register only one gun

4 – Shooter must sign up for either Saturday, 16 May OR Sunday, 17 May. You will not be allowed to shoot both days.

5 – It is best if you bring as many magazines as you can. Each of the strings of fire are 30rds for a total of 90rds.

6 – Because it is a match, you will not be able to reshoot for mental lapses or personal equipment issues.

7 – IDPA recommends that first-time shooters not attempt the Classifier until they have shot a couple matches.

As usual the gates will open both days at 0700 for those who wish to help with setup. Check-in will start at 0815, New Shooter orientation will begin at 0830, and Shooters’ Meeting at 0900 with hammers falling shortly thereafter. Since it is a two-day format, no scores will be posted until Sunday. Especially as the two PractiScore gurus will be not be attending, and I am not totally up to speed yet.

Safety Officers – Please consider helping out on the day opposite the one you plan to shoot. It would help keep some of us from being in the sun all weekend and would be greatly appreciated.

It will most likely be hot and a long day. Please plan accordingly. Bring plenty of fluids and sunscreen.