IDPA Jun. 21st, 2015

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IDPA Jun. 21st, 2015
CDP Champion: Randy Hood
ESP Champion : Brian Gonsalves
SSP Champion: Travis Laviolette
CCP Champion: Ted Kingsley
Overall Winner: Brian Gonsalves
High Junior: Nick Harrigan
High Lady: Remmington Sandler
High Veteran: Travis Laviolette
High Senior: Alan Wong
High Super Senior: Randy Hood
Most Accurate: Ted Kingsley and Marie-Laure Ilian

Our June IDPA match will be on Sunday the 21st. We will also be starting our summer schedule. Gates will open at 0600, check-in starts at 0715, new shooter orientation at 0730, check-in closes at 0745 and shooters meeting at 0800, with hammers falling shortly thereafter. We've been very fortunate weatherwise up to now, but plan on bringing plenty of fluids as summer temps are sure to be here by then.

Also effective this month will be the $10 walk-up fee for shooters who either (a) did not pay online when registering, or (b) did not register online and still wish to shoot. The (b) option may not always be available depending on the number of online registrants.

Stage Designers This Month
Bay 1 Ted Kingsley | Bay 2 Roger Boswell | Bay 3 Pat Donnelly
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Joined: Feb. 16th, 2011
Great turnout for a Fathers

Great turnout for a Fathers Day shoot. Good thing we had the Delta breeze blowing too, ayuh. Welcome to the new lady and youth shooters... Hope y'all had fun? Did some number crunching with the results... Looks like the "Mozambique" requirements showed a few of us that there is a need to practice headshots, eh. I also wanna thank those who finally stepped up to design stages for next month. I need and appreciate people to volunteer, as I think that is better than doing it the way some clubs do... with a "duty roster". Remember, You DO get to shoot the match for free... which means you can buy a raffle ticket and still keep $5 in your pocket smiley

Oh yeah... you can see a little bit about the young shotgunner and, if desired, contribute to his GoFundMe campaign at:

Match Totals

Points Down              = 1949

Hits on Non-Threats    = 21

Procedural Penalties   = 24

Failure To Neutralize    = 24


Stage #1 – 307 PD / 0 HNT / 0 PE / 3 FTN

Stage #2 – 519 PD / 0 HNT / 12 PE / 2 FTN

Stage #3 – 269 PD / 5 HNT / 5 PE / 5 FTN

Stage #4 – 230 PD /5 HNT / 4 PE / 3 FTN

Stage #5 – 362 PD / 5HNT / 1 PE / 2 FTN

Stage #6 – 262 PD / 8 HNT / 2 PE / 9 FTN

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