IDPA May. 15th, 2016

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Joined: Feb. 16th, 2011
IDPA May. 15th, 2016
CDP Champion: Randy Hood
ESP Champion : Jeff Catbagan
SSP Champion: Shannon Cunha
CCP Champion: Tim Ilian
Overall Winner: Jeff Catbagan
High Lady: Marie-Laure Ilian
High Veteran: Randy Hood
High Senior: Mark Barr
High Super Senior: Randy Hood
Most Accurate: Jeff Catbagan (20)

Saturday and Sunday, May 14 & 15, will be our annual IDPA Classifier match. Please remember that registration closes at 7:00PM on Thursday, the 12th; payment is due by noon on Friday, the 13th. There is a walk-up fee of $10 added to base match fee for those who miss either or both cutoffs and still want to shoot. If you have not already tendered your membership fee along with a completed application, please bring both with you. We will not have membership forms available at the range.

Sign up at:

Shooters who wish to shoot a second gun must register on Practiscore twice. The second gun will cost you an additional $20 and will NOT count toward the match, but WILL count toward a classification score. If you choose to shoot a second gun, you will shoot the first gun on Saturday and the second gun on Sunday. Register accordingly.

Gates will open at 0700 for stage builders and helpers on Saturday. Sign-in/registration will start at 0815 and close at 0845. New shooters to the range should be sign-in before 0830, at which time the New Shooter Orientation will take place. Shooters meeting will be held at 0900 with hammers falling shortly thereafter.

Let's hope that the Karma and Weather Goddesses smile kindly upon us but, just in case, be sure to check your emails and/or the website for match status prior to heading out to the range on match day.

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Joined: Feb. 16th, 2011
Classifier Match Totals [24

Classifier Match Totals [24 shooters]
Time – 4180.72 seconds (69.68 minutes)
Points Down – 1957
Procedural Penalties – 12

Stage 1 – 500 PD / 2 PE
Stage 2 – 467 PD / 1 PE
Stage 3 – 990 PD / 9 PE

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