IDPA Night Match Jan. 10th, 2015

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IDPA Night Match Jan. 10th, 2015
CDP Champion: Kurt Staib
ESP Champion : Brian Gonsalves
SSP Champion: Remmi Sandler
Overall Winner: Brian Gonsalves
High Lady: Remmi Sandler
High Veteran: Phill Osbourn
High Senior: Mark Barr
High Super Senior: Phill Osbourn
Most Accurate: Brian Gonsalves

We will be holding a night IDPA match on Saturday, 10 January, weather permitting. Gates will open around 3:00pm for folk to help out with building stages and we should be shooting around 6:00 – 6:30pm (dependent upon level of light at time). There will be four stages. Match fee will be $15.00. Space will be limited to 20 shooters, and the following criteria will be used for attendance:

Shooter must be a current member in good standing with IDPA
Must be a current NVSA member in good standing and have shot IDPA matches with club for at least one year.
Must hold current IDPA Classification of Marksman or higher in the division shooting
Attendance will be subject to Match Director approval. Please make sure a valid email is either listed in your profile, or on the sign-up list. You will receive a confirmation email.
Pre-registration is required. Do not expect to just show up and shoot.
Because of safety concerns, non-shooting personnel are discouraged. It will be difficult enough to manage 20 shooters in the dark
Sign-Up will end at 5:00pm Friday, 09 January

Shooters must have functional handheld lights. NO weapon-mounted lights allowed. White lights are to be used ONLY by the shooter during the Course Of Fire and/or SOs during scoring. Use of red or green lights is encouraged.

Stage Designers This Month
Bay 1 Charlie Severance | Bay 2 Charlie Severance | Bay 3 Charlie Severance
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Brian Gonsalves
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We need another shooter or

We need another shooter or two for the Night Match!   Sign up!  It will be big fun! 

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I will gladly shoot SSP & ESP

I will gladly shoot SSP & ESP!!!!!

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Mark Barr
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Wow!  Fun night shoot. It was

Wow!  Fun night shoot. It was a blast!

Mark Barr

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Tim Ilian
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Thanks for the shoot last

Thanks for the shoot last night. Great fun. And a special thanks to Phill for the hot dogs. Much appreciated. Look forward to the next night shoot.

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