IDPA Rule Clarification Database.

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IDPA Rule Clarification Database.

Reading the rules of the game is step 1. Understanding the rules of the game is step 2. When you don't understand the rules you repeat step 1. Having a basic understanding of the IDPA rules is a necessity. Becoming fluent in the rules will improve you time. Yes, knowing the rules will improve your times. I have honestly read the current RB 4+ times cover to cover over the past 18 months, plus scanned its pages dozens and dozens of times. I have been doing this for 8+ years and still get lost in the rules. Located on is the clarification database. I have downloaded the clarifications and put into an easy to read PDF. The reason for this is to better understand what IDPA wants out of its Safety Officers. More importantly what I can do as a competitor. I suggest everyone to read this a couple of times before attending a major match. With a major match coming soon I will spend some more time reading the rules and these items on the clarification list. I am telling you! The better you understand the rules the better your times will be.

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