IDPA Worldwide Update

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IDPA Worldwide Update

This does not have much to do with us here in the U.S.A. I just thought I would pass it along. -NVSA Staff

To all IDPA Members,

Earlier this year we suspended all international Safety Officer classes. We recognize that the needs of our international shooters are diverse and that our current management structure is not consistent across all geographies. As part of our rule book update and our overall infrastructure improvements, we will be developing an international management structure that can be implemented worldwide. Due to the inconsistencies in our current system, we are rescinding all current country contacts, Area Coordinators, Ambassadors and Safety Officer Instructors outside of the United States effective immediately. All communications from our international clubs will be directed to IDPA Head Quarters by the listed club contact. In some areas, we may appoint interim emissaries to assist with unique challenges that arise in a particular region prior to the new international management structure implementation. The IDPA Headquarters Management Team or their designates will be the point of contact regarding sanctioned match and stage design approval for countries outside of the United States. In order to reach out to the special geographical challenges, Deon Storm (Africa) will remain in his current position and Rodrigo Carvajal (Latin America) will act as an emissary for the HQ Management Team. Thank you for your patience as we work to better serve our international community. 

Joyce Wilson, IDPA Executive Director