July 21st IDPA Match ***Early Start Time***

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July 21st IDPA Match ***Early Start Time***

 Scores                 Stages

 High Senior:  Mark Barr    ESP - Expert 85.03 (13)
 High Lady:   Wendy Hamby    ESP - Marksman 106.11 (3)
 High Law Enforcement:  Aaron Moe    ESP - Sharpshooter 113.57 (15)
 High Military Veteran:  Wayne Johnson    CDP - Expert 93.75 (10)
 High Distinguished Senior:   Wayne Johnson    CDP - Expert 93.75 (10)
 Most Accurate:   Eric Pesnell    CDP - Marksman 130.33 (1)


It looks like some hot weather for Sunday's Match, bring water and other fluids!  Our volunteers have come up with some great stages!  Remember, we start an hour earlier.  Summer times are as follows:

Set-up 6am (extra help is always appreciated)

Registration 7:15 - 7:55am

Shooters Meeting 8:00am

Please be on time!