July IDPA is Sunday the 20th

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July IDPA is Sunday the 20th

Stages HERE                               Results HERE
SSP Champion ~ Remmington Sandler
ESP Champion ~ Brian Gonsalves
CDP Champion ~ Mark Hicks
SSR Champion ~ Tony Reis
ESR Champion ~ None

The July IDPA match will be Sunday the 20th. We are on the summer schedule so the gates will be open at 0615-ish for stage builders to get started; sign-in will start at 0715; shooters' meeting about 0750 and hammers down at 0800. Hopefully y'all have gotten the new main gate key from the City. Long range forecast says HOT, so be prepared to stay hydrated.



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Brian Gonsalves
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Great match yesterday!

Great match yesterday!  Thanks to the stage designers for the stages! 

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