June 17th IDPA Match.

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Ty Hamby
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June 17th IDPA Match.

Scores are up: here 

High Senior: Larry Sams SSP - Expert 100.14 (21)
High Lady: Wendy Hamby ESP - Marksman 138.01 (24)
High Law Enforcement: Aaron Moe SSP - Sharpshooter 124.85 (32)
High Military Veteran: Ed Vernon SSP - Expert 130.31 (27)
High Distinguished Senior: Ed Vernon SSP - Expert 130.31 (27)
Most Accurate: Keith Nunn ESP - Marksman 142.07 (5) 


We had great day shooting today. We had 39 shooters today. Charlie setup some good ones today. We had swingers, poppers, tactical sequence, tactical priority, weak hand headshots, shooting while sitting, and shooting while walking. It was quite a variety today. Next month Karl Hockman will be our match director. I am looking forward to some exciting stages next month. Please take a moment and post what you liked about the stages today.

The weather was warm today. The range topped out at around 100 degrees by the time we were cleaning up. Thank you to everyone who stayed and helped teardown the stages.


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NVSA Staff
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Woohoo! Check out that raw

Woohoo! Check out that raw time on Stage 4. That is a first for me. I have never seen my name north of Javier's. 

"If you plan to leave early, please arrive early to help set up. If you arrive late, please stay late to help take down. If you plan to arrive late and leave early, please do your shooting someplace else."

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I like how I was only 3.5sec

I like how I was only 3.5sec behind Brian on Stage 3... after scoring points down. I'm happy that everyone seemed to enjoy the stages. I tried for a pretty good mix, though it was probably a bit daunting for newer shooters. Gotta say the bro has some pretty good ones for August that are pending approval from Mr. Match Director Mark B. :-)

The ability to shoot straight is that part of national security which affects the individual more than any other. - Merritt "Red Mike" Edson; CMOH-USMC

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Nice stages today Charlie.

Nice stages today Charlie. Thanks for the great Fathers Day venue for me and my boy!

Lynn Brazelton
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I agree and a huge Thanks to

I agree and a huge Thanks to Charlie for some great stages. I liked them because there was a good variety. I don't like doing a lot of running, and there was none. I don't like going down and there was none. Thanks for that Charlie. Good stuff!!


Shannon Cunha
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Great match, couldn't think

Great match, couldn't think of a better way to spend Fathers Day. Good variety lots of fun. Thanks Charlie and all staff that make it possible.

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Mark Barr
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Sorry I missed the

Sorry I missed the match...

I've been out of town a lot lately, shooting in Morro Bay for the ICORE Southwest Regional match and the IRC, then in Richmond for the Golden Gate Regional Match.  Lots of fun, but Mark's list of household chores has been getting pretty long...

I want to stay married, so I stayed home Sunday and worked on the sprinklers, installing a ceiling fan, fixing a leak under a sink...  you get the picture?  It was so warm working on the sprinklers, I got dizzy and had to sit down...

All in all, it's a good thing I stayed home.... but I wish I could've been down there, shooting Charlie's stages.

Still married,

Mark Barr

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Brian Gonsalves
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Another Big Thank You to

Another Big Thank You to Charlie for all his work over 3 days in the heat!  Great stages!

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Charlie, I know that I


I know that I thanked you after the match, but that was one hell of a bunch of work!

Thanks again,


Tony Reis

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