June 1st. USPSA Match

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Wendy Hamby
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June 1st. USPSA Match


Overall winner - Garett Maxwell

Open Champion  - Steve Dye
Production Champion - Martin Reynolds
Single Stack Champion - Chris Peplow
Limited Champion - Garett Maxwell
​Limited Ten Champion - Alan Wong
​Revolver Champion - Brian Gonsalves



It is official. NVSA now in a USPSA Club. I have submitted the classifiers for April and May. Those of you who are USPSA members should login to USPSA to access your stuff. Your login information is typically on your mailing label of you Front Sight magazine. If not contact USPSA durring normal business hours to get your initial pin code.  

This Sunday will be our first official USPSA match. Lance Lowe and Brian Gonsalves each have their own bay to design 2 stages in. They are the bay coordinators for June. We hope you come out and enjoy yourselves.  We have 4 stages planned for Sunday. Our match will be starting at 9:00 AM we will not register anyone after the shooter meeting begins @ 8:45. Please arrive by 8:15 to get registered and ready. Attendees of NVSA need to purchase a gate access RFID card from the City of Gridley to gain access through the gate. Gate access is controlled by the city. If you arrive early you can have another shooter help you get through by borrowing their card. Members typically arrive prior to 8:30 so dont delay. Also DO NOT TAILGATE through the electronic gate. You will strike the gate. The gate is set to come down on the second vehicle. Please follow these instructions exactly to get your access card. Please do exactly as instructed. Read everything. We do not want to loose the special privilege we are getting for Sunday morning card pickup.  

Finally Please show up early to help setup. All setup is done the morning of the event. We start setup at 7:00 and registration begins at 8:00-8:15 We will start shooting at 9:00am. Registration closes at 8::45. Please be polite and courteous and show up early. 

Cost for this match will be $15 NVSA members and $25 non-members. Here is a link to the NVSA membership application. 

Contact me if you have any questions. 

Wendy Hamby

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Ty Hamby
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Huge thanks you to Lance and

Huge thanks you to Lance and Brian, for their great stages today. I cant say enough how great stages can make or break a club. What a great match today. 

"Unnecessarily restrictive engagement requirements by default is the hallmark of a lazy or flat out terrible stage designer." ~ unknown

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Brian Gonsalves
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Thanks Wendy & Ty for another

Thanks Wendy & Ty for another great match!

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Thanks to everyone that

Thanks to everyone that helped make the match happen, It was a ton of fun. Maybe once I figure out IDPA I'll start desinging some USPSA stages.

Christopher W.Peplow

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