Legislation to REPEAL Federal GFSZ 07/22/11

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Legislation to REPEAL Federal GFSZ 07/22/11

US Congressman Ron Paul recently introduced legislation to REPEAL Federal GFSZ (Gun Free School Zones.)

If passed, it would completely repeal the Federal Gun Free School Zones Act. As you know, the Fed GFSZA effectively prohibits all forms of unlicensed carry, and does not recognize concealed carry reciprocity agreements between states. It is currently a federal felony for any person to travel armed on public sidewalks, roads, or highways which pass within 1000 feet of any K-12 school's property line, unless they have a CCW physically issued by the state that school is in. The vast number of schools in developed areas effectively turns them into giant gun free zones. This bill would fix the problem! PLEASE contact your representatives and urge them to support HR 2613.
    Doesn't do a whole lot for us in California. California has its own GFSZ.  But any chance to rollback fed law on any law it a good day much less a firearm law.