Members eligible for the IDPA Prize Table September 16th

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Members eligible for the IDPA Prize Table September 16th

I've had a few questions regarding eligibility, so below is a list.  Following the guidelines, you needed to be a member by April 1, 2012, be a national IDPA member, shooting at least 50% of matches held Oct thru Sept.  This year we held 10 matches, so 5 is the magic number.  If you have any questions please email me ASAP!  chico1911 "at" comcast "dot" net


Aucoin, Charles
Aufdenkamp, Ernst
Barch, Susan
Barr, Don
Barr, Mark
Boswell, Roger
Brooks, Matt
Cunha, Daniel
Cunha, Shannon
Gonsalves, Brian
Hagen, Mike
Hamby, Ty
Hamby, Wendy
Hand, Walt
Hicks, Mark
Hockman, Karl
Hood, Randy
Ilian, Marie-Laure
Ilian, Tim
Johnson, Wayne K
Kirklin, Joe
Kuca, Jay
Lopez, Javier
Moe, Aaron
Moural, Lowall
Nunn, Craig
Nunn, Keith
Osbourn, Phil
Reis, Tony
Retutal, Venancio G.
Rice, Jack
Riley, Wesley
Sams, Kenna
Sams, Larry
Sare, Bonnie
Severance, Charlie
Simpson, Warren
Snyder, Bill
Staib, Kurt
Sykes, Deanna
Valente, Gerald
Valente, Steve
Wilder, Craig
Young, Sean
Zaepfel, Bill