Missing Emails


Question: Does every NVSA member need an email?
Answer: No, however if you want to change your profile information or receive match notices from NVSA you will need an email tied to your account. Emails are used to send password information should you forget yours or to receive notices from NVSA about club or match information.

Question: How do I update my email.

  1. Login to your account by using the login link on the left side and update your email yourself using your current NVSA credentials  Do this to anytime your email needs updating.
  2. If you have never accessed your account. Email your current email to Ty using the contact form, Include your name and email in the contact email.
  3. Write your name and email on a piece of paper and give it to a club board member. They can access your account and add your email to your account and dispatch an email for you to setup your password.

Question: How do I receive news from NVSA
Answer: Once your email is configured and you have logged in to your user account you can turn on/off your email preferences.

Utilizing your member account, your forms will populate automatically with your information and you will also be authorized to post comments about events or to other.

Question: I don't have an email but I would still like the ability to use the Website; including login access:
Answer: Contact Ty and tell him you need your password. Ty will create a password for you. You don't need an email. They are only needed if you want to receive correspondences from the club and optionally other active members

Below is a list of current NVSA members who have no email in their user account.